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I am here for you!

Whether you are wanting your baby to sleep through the night, in need of dietary advice, or ready to potty train your toddler, I can guide you every step of the way until you reach your goals.

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Don’t know what bottle nipple size to use? Unsure of how to swaddle your baby? Need tips to burp effectively?

This is a 45-minute pre and post-delivery, in-person consultation to give you practical advice and teach you useful parenting techniques. Hamilton County residents only.


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Sleep Training

Being sleep deprived for a day is hard enough, but going years without quality sleep is brutal.

My simple PeTAL program will guide you to effectively and gently train your baby to sleep up to 12 hours at night by the 12th week of life. In return, you get more time back to rest or catch up on chores.


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Potty Training

Diapers are arguably one of the most expensive necessities you will frequently buy for your child during his or her first few years of life.

My PoT program will teach you and your toddler how to recognize “the signs” and perform the necessary steps to independently use the toilet.

Consultation Add-On

How is payment arranged?

I got your back!

From purchasing a car seat, to budgeting for a crib, there are many expenses that come with the birth of a baby. To ease this financial transition, payments can be arranged in two installments where half of the money is rendered at the time of the booking and the remaining balance due at the completion of the 12-week evaluation.

What will you learn?

The key to success is consistency!

You will learn to implement a personalized feeding and sleeping schedule for your baby. A consistent schedule will help your baby develop trust and enable successful results.

When should you start?

It’s never too early!

For best results, sleep training starts at birth. This means that you should have the knowledge and skills prior to the birth of your baby to begin implementing the PeTAL Program. Scheduling the program overview at approximately 36 weeks will help you absorb the information and prepare to welcome the birth of your baby.

What is included with the in-person consultations?

Ideal for first-time parents!

In-person consultations are highly encouraged for first-time parents who would like to learn how to perform essential tasks such as swaddling, changing a diaper, feeding, burping, and bathing a baby. Applying proper techniques is fundamental to get babies to sleep through the night.